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What age can I start my son with Mad Dogs Lacrosse?

We accept players from Kindergarten through 6th grade. Most 7th & 8th grade players play for our middle school teams and we would like them to focus their energy at that level.

My son has never played lacrosse before - will this be an issue?

Absolutely not! Mad Dogs Lacrosse accepts players from all skill levels

My son has played lacrosse before, will he be placed on a team that is competitive?

Mad Dogs Lacrosse accepts players from all skill levels. We do our best to balance the players/teams abilities that will provide the best experience for all players.  We encourage kids with more experience to help the newer players improve their skills. We offer additional clinics/trainings during the year to help all skill levels improve.

When are practices & games?

Games are on Sundays during the Spring season and are at varied times throughout the day. Usually half the games are “away” at various other PAL leagues. The home games take place at either Dawnwood Middle School or Centereach High School.

Practices are coordinated directly by the coaches with input from the team families. The practices take place at either Dawnwood Middle School or Centereach High School.

The spring season usually starts at the end of March and runs through the end of May.

How much does lacrosse cost?

Our spring season fee is determined each year based on various costs – insurance, uniforms, training facilities and related fees.  We try to keep our spring season cost under $200.

Camps, clinics and indoor training sessions will have an additional cost determined when they are arranged.

We also offer discounts for multiple players from the same (immediate family members only).

Please see our Registration page for current information.

What gear does he need?


While gear can be expensive, first time players do not need top of the line gear.  You can get sales on craigslist, 2nd hand sports stores, or sometimes we partner with sports stores for team week sales. We send emails with store promos, and post on social media – so follow us and sign-up for our mailing list!

Starter gear packages (gloves, shoulder and arm pads), a helmet, stick and a protective cup can run about between $100-$200.

Please see our Equipment page for more information.

What about uniforms? Can my son pick his number?

When you register for the season, we will request your size for a uniform and we order the uniforms (the cost is included in the registration fee).  We will also ask for a jersey number with 2 alternatives. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE JERSEY NUMBERS! We try to give consideration to returning players.  Also, please do not request a 3 digit number.

I have 2 sons playing - 1 in 2nd grade and 1 in 3rd grade- can they be on the same team?

Due to PAL rules, kids can not “play down” a grade.  Some kids maybe able to “play up”, however that is determined by the Board of Directors and coach, only if it is determined that the players skills are appropriate for the level of play.

When does registration open and close?

Registration usually opens in September- October.  It closes by January 15.  After registration closes, we can only take players if a team has open positions (even if you are a returning player).  We encourage you to register early.


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